PLAN WITH ME | January 2018 Bullet Journal


Happy Friday Beautiful People!

Welcome to my very first bullet journal post! A little late in the month I know but, hey I still got it up so that counts right? Anyway, I’ve been practicing handlettering and doodling more lately and have been bullet journaling off and on but, one of my resolutions is to try to keep up with this one, soooo hopefully you’ll see more blog posts like this!

(Also PS sorry for the lighting in these pictures my editing game was not on point these past couple of days haha)


So a common theme about this post is that I’M REALLY LAZY, haha. I was too lazy to map out and plan my monthly spread so as you can tell all the dates are crooked but oh well. I’m not actually a fan of this page but I’m trying to learn to not be such a perfectionist when it comes to things like this. I also tried keeping a cohesive color scheme but kind of fail at that over the next pages but you’ll see that later…


So the next pages I kept matching with the same type of doodles, washi tape, and stickers! Can’t really tell by the picture but I use washi tape to cover up my mistakes a lot haha. The second week is actually my favorite set up out of this month!


Like I said earlier… I’m too lazy for rulers and week three has really weird spaces between the days haha. I kept the blue theme and craft paper doodles as a way to match these weeks and haven’t filled week 4 up yet. I tried making a “messy” layout so I didn’t have to measure things but, honestly don’t get how bujo pros make them so nicely. (Literally me trying to wear baggy clothes and a messy bun like cute girls but looking like a mess).

Any how, I had a bunch of imperfections in these spreads but I think that’s what make Bujo’s fun, you can change the layout every week and it makes organizing more entertaining. Hopefully my next couple of posts won’t be quite as beginner! If you wanna see more in depth and here me speak in my gross sick voice, CHECK OUT MY VID BELOW! and don’t forget to subscribe (shameless plug haha)


Have a great weekend everyone!


Wrap Gifts With Me! | 3 DIYS for Brown Paper Giftwrap

Hey Everyone I’m back with a blog post before this holiday season is over! Decided to do something fun and share how I’ll be decorating my gifts this year. I know Christmas is in 5 DAYS!! but I hope this could help out my fellow procrastinators ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m in love with the minimalist/plain theme so brown craft paper is usually my go to when I wrap any gifts. A perk to this that many people may not know is that you can get a giant roll of brown craft paper for way cheaper than any other wrapping paper!

Gift Idea #1

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.33.20 AM

This first DIY includes some pretty deep green ribbon from Papersource, random pieces I cut off from an old Christmas tree and a hand made tag. (let’s also ignore the fact that my boyfriend squished his own cousins gift) I tied the ribbon into a pretty bow and then taped all of the little pieces together to make a mini bouquet as the gift topper. My favorite thing to do for ANY gift is to DIY my own gift tags to personalize the gift more and ta da thats it!

Gift Idea #2

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.33.00 AM

This present is probably the prettier than what I put inside and super simple to tie together! The ribbon I used to make the wreath pop out is from Container Store and I love that it has gold accents to make it look more festive. I used some jute cord I already had in my closet to tie the wreath and my handwritten and tag to the package and this DIY was as simple as that! The cute mini wreath is from Papersource btw.

Gift Idea #3

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.33.54 AM

This DIY is probably the cheapest idea of the three because you really only need a marker! Feel free to doodle any festive drawings to your gift to make your gift wrap stand out. The extra string and mini wreath (can you tell I like mini things) just give some extra detail but I think the ornament doodle would do fine alone!

And those are some of the ways I’m wrapping my gifts this year!


I hope this was helpful for some of you out there and that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

If you want to see these gifts step by step feel free to watch the matching Youtube video below ๐Ÿ™‚ I worked hard on this video and happy with how it turned out!


DIY Fall Decor – Hand Lettered Wooden Signs

Hey Everyone!

As you can tell by the title this post is different from my usual outfit posts. Since your girl is a college student, my budget for home decor and other cute things are at a minimum. SOOO, If i can make it I much rather spend half the money on supplies as opposed to dropping my non existent money on ready made things. I’ll be posting all my DIY journeys here so you can see me make or fail to make some things and maybe get inspired in the process, So let’s get started!


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I bought wooden signs, fall floral bunches, mini pumpkins and some leaves/vines all from Michaels for under $25 ! (Michael has sooo many coupons be sure to use them!!) I stuck with and orange and dark red color palette but, feel free to choose what screams fall to you. Not pictured are some paint markers, white paint, glue gun, and mod podge which you know this crafting queen already had.


The next steps are pretty much up to you or if you’re like me – what you find on pinterest. I found some quotes online and used paint markers to write them down. For some added flare I painted some signs white so I was able to use gold on top. Also fail of the DIY, make sure you plan out what you’re writing prior because I winged it which is why the hand lettering is kind of trash… I promise my handwriting looks way better with brush markers as opposed to paint markers ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

After your paint dries I basically tear apart the flower bunches and vines so that they are able to glue flat onto your surface. I cut the pumpkins in half as well so that they were able to stick on better. I recommend using the glue gun for the thicker pieces and the mod podge for the fabric pieces.

And that’s the DIY! I’m sad that I screwed up the handlettering but happy with the fun project overall! Tell me your favorite one below ๐Ÿ™‚


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