Florals for Summer, (Groundbreaking!)

Hey Babes!

I really hope you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada or else my title makes absolutely no sense. Also what are you doing reading a fashion blog if you HAVEN’T seen this movie. I’m going to need those of you who haven’t to stop and watch the movie before continuing with this post 😉

Anyway, I’m back with another outfit that goes with my life motto of “cute and comfy”.  For awhile now I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of cute everyday loafers, because they tend to dress up any outfit while having the same comfort as a sneaker. I found the pair in this outfit from Forever21 and while I wouldn’t consider them an everyday wear because they’re white and prone to my clutsy messes, I’m still happy i found them! I wore some simple denim shorts I got from Hollister to keep it a little casual and then paired it with this flowy top from Forever21. I love the deep red floral embroidered detail and it being a crop top because what other style do i wear haha. This outfit allows me to dance around parks freely while still having a good balance of casual and dressy.

I’ll be traveling again the next couple of days, this time for leisure and not for school so I should have more posts soon! In the mean time hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your summer before back to school. Happy Friday!


Olive Stripes

Hey everyone! It’s been sooo long that my pun game is real bad. You know a pun isn’t good when you have to explain your title means I love stripes.. because get it olive skirt? Yeah I know I need to step my game up. In the mean time while I think of better puns y’all can read about this outfit that I’ve been taking forever to post 🙂


Summer is almost over and Seattle is definitely not this sunny currently because of Canadian wildfire smoke that has been chilling in our air. Buuuut my love for this outfit is still the same and I decided to finally stop being a lazy spud and write about. The top is a simple off the shoulder tee from Brandy Melville that I’ve been recently obsessed with because of its simplicity in being able to match any outfit. If you’ve yet to own a Brandy Melville shirt then girrrll you’re missing out because they’re so soft and comfortable. The skirt is from good ole Forever21, the buttons add that extra trendy detail and the color makes it a versatile piece I can style into fall. Tied the outfit together with some wedges from Charlotte Russe but, think some simple sneakers would work just fine too!


And that’s the outfit! Simple pieces styled together to look like I tried a little harder to look cute that day when in reality I was still going for comfort. I know wedges may seem worrisome to some but for me, they’re actually really comfortable so give them a try because Charlotte Russe had these for pretty cheap! Sorry for the long delay again btw, I’ve been studying abroad but, now I’m back and ready to put out more content for y’all 🙂 Also here’s a short youtube video to show more of the outfit and awkward spud poses!

Down to Earth

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, meanwhile i’m back with another outfit post for you all !

If you couldn’t tell by my Instagram feed lately I’ve been REALLY into greenery lately, my aesthetics have basically just turned into my mom’s living room with all her unnecessary plants (typical asian mom). Sooo I decided to shoot an outfit with earthy tones and pieces I think are perfect for the summer.

For the past two winters I’ve been addicted to anything olive, literally my whole closet was black, white, and olive LOL. For this outfit I decided to go within the same family but for a more muted green. This dress I got from Forever21 for $12 was the perfect color and my favorite part was the slightly haltered neckline. The flowiness of the dress kept it comfortable enough for summer outings but the halter neckline makes it look less of a casual dress If you wanted to dress it up with a pair of heels.

I opted for a more casual look not only because I can’t walk in heels haha but also because I’ve been really into detailed flats and sandals. These flats were from the best place in the world, Target, and I think deep browns paired perfectly with the pale green. The detailed lace up portion of the flats add more to an otherwise “boring” outfit but, still keeps it nice and comfortable. However I’d avoid them if you plan on lounging around because I bet the tan lines on these shoes aren’t that flattering…

That wraps up the outfit! Hope you enjoyed this post and as usual I’ll be back next week with another outfit! Have a great day~

Skirts and Sneakers

Hey babes! I’m back with another ootd, told ya I’d be back soon 😉 I recently went to Vancouver for a weekend and explored while having a little photo shoot.

The sun was out so I broke out a skirt I got from PacSun and the shirt from Urban Outfitters that is in like half of my Instagram pics… don’t judge it’s my favorite okay? I also paired it with my favorite Nikes because I knew I’d be walking a lot and I wasn’t ready for blisters as I’ll be leaving the country soon! Also.. sorry for another colorless outfit, I’m working on incorporating more colorful pieces in my closet haha, Can’t go wrong with black and white though!

Vancouver is only 3 hours away from Seattle so I go there often but this was my first time at Queen Elizabeth’s park and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on it for so long. Beautiful flowers and landscapes had me in looveee! Also the conservatory with cute birds and my favorite aesthetics; greenery. I have this weird obsession with plants lately but can’t own any because of my tiny apartment so I guess that’s why all my pictures include plants lol!

Anyway another short post for y’all because I’ll be traveling soon but get ready for those posts! Have a great weekend beautiful people!

Blackout in Seattle 

 Hello all! I am finally back! Hope everyone’s been well and excited for summer to come in full force. Don’t have much of an update so for now I’ll just jump right into the outfit 🙂 
It’s definitely getting hotter in Seattle finally (although the rain is returning soon because well of course…) but I made sure to make good use of the sunny day and shoot an OOTD for y’all c:

When most people think of summer they bust out the bold colors and pretty pastels. But me being well, me, I like to dress to match my soul. LOL JK when I went through my colorful hair phase I hated clashing color so almost 90% of my closet is black. 

I got the top from PacSun from the Kendall and Kylie collection and I’m still in LOVE with it. Off the shoulder AND embroidered florals? Definitely snagged it RIGHT when I saw it 🙂 

I’m still all about being thrifty so the rest of the outfit is from my favorite part of all stores… the clearance section! I got the shorts for $10 at Charlotte Russe and the sandals for a little less than that from Old Navy. Deals right? And that’s the outfit! Hope everyone has a great summer and I’ll see y’all with another OOTD soon ! (I promise this time really Haha!) 

Comfortable in Pink


Now I’ve never been the type to celebrate Valentines Day just because I think it’s a bit silly haha. Plus I’ve been with my boyfriend so long that we just use it as an excuse to buy more food and candy than we probably actually need.. oops. Let’s also not forget that if you’re a single pringle that doesn’t mean anything, give love to your friends or your family and use this as an excuse to spoil someone whose been down or go out and get your momma some flowers! For those of you who do enjoy Valentines Day. I hope your day is filled with love and the best chocolate you could possibly get.

Now onto the outfit! Growing up I’ve got to admit that I was that girl who loathed anything pink. Kinda sure  it was because my dad always wanted me to be a boy and avoided buying me anything pink LOL. Anyways I’ve gotten over that (kind of.. I still hate hot pink) and decided to pull out all the pink for today’s outfit in true cheesy Valentines Day fashion 🙂 But since you guys know me, y’all probably would’ve guess that I’d opt out of wearing fancy dresses and went straight to my jeans and sneakers! I love having an excuse to dress up for fancy dates but just Valentines day isn’t normally one of those for me. Instead I picked up these faded pink mom jeans from my most favorite store EVER, Zara and wore a simple T that I’ve had for awhile. For some added pink cliche-ness I threw on this pretty choker I got from Christmas that I’m pretty sure is from Forever21 and threw on my favorite shoes to complete the look! And there we go, another simple look by me BUT this time with more color so that counts as a non repetitive theme right?…. probably not LOL. But spring is coming and I usually revamp my wardrobe then so be on the look out for new colorful posts 🙂

Have a great day BBs!

Bombs Away | Basic Street Style

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and has a fun weekend planned 🙂 I’m back today to share another outfit BUUUT sorry I didn’t realize my past three outfits were similar… though, college style = comfort am I right? I promise the next post will be more interesting but for today I wanted to showcase the “street style” that we see all over instagram and tumblr.

Street style is so easy to achieve and ideal for wanting to look “trendy” yet comfortable at the same time. This outfit includes all the basics that can be seen in almost every outfit in this trend; a bomber jacket, simple tee, ripped jeans, and a pair of your favorite sneakers. Change it up with some patches on the jacket or fun graphic tee if you want! All of these pieces besides the Adidas are from Forever21 and what makes it even better is that I found all of them in the sale section. I think it’s important to remind those of you who are like me, broke college students, that fashion doesn’t always mean dropping all the money. The jacket was around $12, Pants were $10 and T-shirt was $5 so remember when you’re shopping to check the clearance and sale section for some lucky finds! Look for basics that you canstyle with other items so you can save for more important things like food or…. food LOL! I know my other piggies out there would rather eat yummy food than drop $60 on a jacket.  Anyways, sorry another short post! Hope you enjoyed it though 🙂 Have a great weekend and make sure to leave funds for yummy food!