DIY Fall Decor – Hand Lettered Wooden Signs

Hey Everyone!

As you can tell by the title this post is different from my usual outfit posts. Since your girl is a college student, my budget for home decor and other cute things are at a minimum. SOOO, If i can make it I much rather spend half the money on supplies as opposed to dropping my non existent money on ready made things. I’ll be posting all my DIY journeys here so you can see me make or fail to make some things and maybe get inspired in the process, So let’s get started!


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I bought wooden signs, fall floral bunches, mini pumpkins and some leaves/vines all from Michaels for under $25 ! (Michael has sooo many coupons be sure to use them!!) I stuck with and orange and dark red color palette but, feel free to choose what screams fall to you. Not pictured are some paint markers, white paint, glue gun, and mod podge which you know this crafting queen already had.


The next steps are pretty much up to you or if you’re like me – what you find on pinterest. I found some quotes online and used paint markers to write them down. For some added flare I painted some signs white so I was able to use gold on top. Also fail of the DIY, make sure you plan out what you’re writing prior because I winged it which is why the hand lettering is kind of trash… I promise my handwriting looks way better with brush markers as opposed to paint markers 😥

After your paint dries I basically tear apart the flower bunches and vines so that they are able to glue flat onto your surface. I cut the pumpkins in half as well so that they were able to stick on better. I recommend using the glue gun for the thicker pieces and the mod podge for the fabric pieces.

And that’s the DIY! I’m sad that I screwed up the handlettering but happy with the fun project overall! Tell me your favorite one below 🙂


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