Squash Goals

Welcome back my boos!

(Now that i’m over my fall puns get ready for all the Halloween puns)

This blog post is probably going to be the most simple one I post because I originally went to this pumpkin farm by my house for fun and last minute decided to have a mini photo shoot. Hooray for the boyfriend having the fancy shmancy Iphone7 so we’re always photo shoot ready ha ha. I honestly went to the farm to just buy some corn and veggies so YOU BET I will be back to take more pics 😉 (and get lost in the cool corn maze lmao so stay tuned for an update on that)

The past couple of outfits I’ve been posting have been super girly so I thought I’d change it up to what I normally wear. Now I love flowy shirts, lace, and floral but because I live in Washington, it’s too dang cold for that. Also nothing screams hipster Seattleite more than wearing a flannel and that’s exactly what I did that day. I tend to go for flannels that are more of a Boyfriend Fit because I’m a fan of comfort and layering – so what better flannel to pick than one straight out of my boyfriends closet! (thanks dude) Not going to lie since I wear so many oversized things I tend to sneak to my boyfriends side of closet and borrow some things as you’ll see some more in my next outfit post 😉 Under the flannel I wore a simple cropped sweater and paired it with my favorite leggings perfect for frolicking through the pumpkins. Added my combat boots for that typical fall aesthetic and ta da ! –  a simple and comfortable outfit perfect for picking enough pumpkins to make your perfect squash squad.

And there you have it folks! I’ll be back soon with a new post that is little different than what you’re used to so keep an eye out 🙂

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