Florals for Summer, (Groundbreaking!)

Hey Babes!

I really hope you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada or else my title makes absolutely no sense. Also what are you doing reading a fashion blog if you HAVEN’T seen this movie. I’m going to need those of you who haven’t to stop and watch the movie before continuing with this post 😉

Anyway, I’m back with another outfit that goes with my life motto of “cute and comfy”.  For awhile now I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of cute everyday loafers, because they tend to dress up any outfit while having the same comfort as a sneaker. I found the pair in this outfit from Forever21 and while I wouldn’t consider them an everyday wear because they’re white and prone to my clutsy messes, I’m still happy i found them! I wore some simple denim shorts I got from Hollister to keep it a little casual and then paired it with this flowy top from Forever21. I love the deep red floral embroidered detail and it being a crop top because what other style do i wear haha. This outfit allows me to dance around parks freely while still having a good balance of casual and dressy.

I’ll be traveling again the next couple of days, this time for leisure and not for school so I should have more posts soon! In the mean time hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your summer before back to school. Happy Friday!


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