Olive Stripes

Hey everyone! It’s been sooo long that my pun game is real bad. You know a pun isn’t good when you have to explain your title means I love stripes.. because get it olive skirt? Yeah I know I need to step my game up. In the mean time while I think of better puns y’all can read about this outfit that I’ve been taking forever to post 🙂


Summer is almost over and Seattle is definitely not this sunny currently because of Canadian wildfire smoke that has been chilling in our air. Buuuut my love for this outfit is still the same and I decided to finally stop being a lazy spud and write about. The top is a simple off the shoulder tee from Brandy Melville that I’ve been recently obsessed with because of its simplicity in being able to match any outfit. If you’ve yet to own a Brandy Melville shirt then girrrll you’re missing out because they’re so soft and comfortable. The skirt is from good ole Forever21, the buttons add that extra trendy detail and the color makes it a versatile piece I can style into fall. Tied the outfit together with some wedges from Charlotte Russe but, think some simple sneakers would work just fine too!


And that’s the outfit! Simple pieces styled together to look like I tried a little harder to look cute that day when in reality I was still going for comfort. I know wedges may seem worrisome to some but for me, they’re actually really comfortable so give them a try because Charlotte Russe had these for pretty cheap! Sorry for the long delay again btw, I’ve been studying abroad but, now I’m back and ready to put out more content for y’all 🙂 Also here’s a short youtube video to show more of the outfit and awkward spud poses!

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