Skirts and Sneakers

Hey babes! I’m back with another ootd, told ya I’d be back soon 😉 I recently went to Vancouver for a weekend and explored while having a little photo shoot.

The sun was out so I broke out a skirt I got from PacSun and the shirt from Urban Outfitters that is in like half of my Instagram pics… don’t judge it’s my favorite okay? I also paired it with my favorite Nikes because I knew I’d be walking a lot and I wasn’t ready for blisters as I’ll be leaving the country soon! Also.. sorry for another colorless outfit, I’m working on incorporating more colorful pieces in my closet haha, Can’t go wrong with black and white though!

Vancouver is only 3 hours away from Seattle so I go there often but this was my first time at Queen Elizabeth’s park and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on it for so long. Beautiful flowers and landscapes had me in looveee! Also the conservatory with cute birds and my favorite aesthetics; greenery. I have this weird obsession with plants lately but can’t own any because of my tiny apartment so I guess that’s why all my pictures include plants lol!

Anyway another short post for y’all because I’ll be traveling soon but get ready for those posts! Have a great weekend beautiful people!

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