Bombs Away | Basic Street Style

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and has a fun weekend planned 🙂 I’m back today to share another outfit BUUUT sorry I didn’t realize my past three outfits were similar… though, college style = comfort am I right? I promise the next post will be more interesting but for today I wanted to showcase the “street style” that we see all over instagram and tumblr.

Street style is so easy to achieve and ideal for wanting to look “trendy” yet comfortable at the same time. This outfit includes all the basics that can be seen in almost every outfit in this trend; a bomber jacket, simple tee, ripped jeans, and a pair of your favorite sneakers. Change it up with some patches on the jacket or fun graphic tee if you want! All of these pieces besides the Adidas are from Forever21 and what makes it even better is that I found all of them in the sale section. I think it’s important to remind those of you who are like me, broke college students, that fashion doesn’t always mean dropping all the money. The jacket was around $12, Pants were $10 and T-shirt was $5 so remember when you’re shopping to check the clearance and sale section for some lucky finds! Look for basics that you canstyle with other items so you can save for more important things like food or…. food LOL! I know my other piggies out there would rather eat yummy food than drop $60 on a jacket.  Anyways, sorry another short post! Hope you enjoyed it though 🙂 Have a great weekend and make sure to leave funds for yummy food!

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