Granny Chic and Self Care

Welcome back everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile I’m sure all of you know how it is being a college student and all of sudden being buried in tons of deadlines. I’ve also been feeling a bit of a creative slump lately, which is also why I haven’t put out a new video out on my channel yet either. However, I’ve been sick the past two weeks and while dying in bed all day (okay being just a tad bit dramatic here LOL) I’ve brainstormed some more ideas! So  even though I still don’t have much time to film or shoot, just know i’m trying my best and will have content out sooner or later!

With that being said this look here is all about comfort and channeling my inner granny with a cozy orange cardigan I got in Canada at a store called Bluenotes. On this particular day I wanted a nice chill day and the Seattle sun decided to come out play which was perfect! We’ve been going through a bit of a cold season but, now it’s finally starting to warm up so i decided to bust out this striped turtleneck bodysuit from Forever21 since I no longer have to wear 5 layers to not freeze outside. To keep a laid-back feel I wore the jeans that you guys probably see a bit to much on this blog and you guessed it, some white Nike Roshes. Yes I’m THAT extra that i got them in a different color but, hey these were a gift LOL.

Aside from the comfy outfit I had to give some love to my hometown. This days weather was a nice combination of warmth shining down from the sun and an occasional nice cool breeze so I thought what other day would be perfect to play tourist in my own city. I started the day off at Seattle Center to shoot around the iconic Space Needle and fountain then made my way towards downtown be a typical Seattlelite and study at a cafe. This cafe was a cute little hidden one above Pike Place Market and was all the aesthetic goals a blogger needed to be re-inspired. Along with showing this outfit I wanted to leave a reminder to take days off to explore pretty places or just to rest. Self-care is more important than anything you have going on and don’t burn yourself out from overworking yourself.

And on that note, I hope all of you are having a great day and remember to love yourselves unconditionally ❤

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