Shine On


Wow I can’t believe 2016 is already gone, I feel like it was JUST New Years 2K16 but hey you know what they say happens to time when you’re having fun right?? ( hah jk I mean when you’re a full time college student working full time/part time throughout the year) Anyway! I completely failed on the shoot for today, things just didn’t work out and what I wanted to be a video ended up being a couple of pictures.. but you know what? thats completely fine. Because even though I didn’t really want to set a resolution, my goal this year is to be more positive towards negative outcomes. I admit I’m a negative nancy and I like to dwell on things but, NO MORE. This is the year I work hard towards my blog and channel (did you notice I finally bought a domain c; ), I become a senior in college, AND I become a legal adult in the states so to say the least.. I’m just a tad bit excited.

For this supposed to be video I chose a comfortable outfit because I never do much for New Years besides lounge around. So I thought, why not combine a fun shiny silver top from H&M that was only three dollars , what a steal right, with my favorite ripped jeans from PacSun. A bit of party vibes with a LOT of hey I work in the morning and I’m probably going to sleep before countdown vibes LOL true story. Sorry for the lacking post today but get ready for some more posts throughout 2017 🙂

New blog who dis? LOL JK Have a Happy New Year filled with positive vibes and stay safe out there tonight kids! ❤

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