Easily Sueded

Welcome Back Babes!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is gearing up for the New Year to roll through, I know i’m SO ready for what this new year will bring (you know besides the live action cheeto but, let’s not focus on him). Anyway, throughout this holiday season I was in and out of the mall constantly trying to come up with presents and of course i did a little shopping for myself.. although I shouldn’t have because my bank account currently hates me LOL.

I tried not to buy this jacket to save money for more presents but I’m easily per(suede)ded by  neutral toned clothing items and currently ESPECIALLY loving moto jackets and this one just so happened to be suede (hehe). Also not to mention that this one was in the clearance section of H&M and I got it more than half off so yasss to that. I paired it with this white floral top from Target and added my trusty leggings from American Eagle that I probably wear too much but hey, comfort is ALWAYS first in my book. Finished the look off with more suede on my new booties I got for christmas from the Rack and cute choker from Forever21. I sacrificed my warmth and got mud on my new shoes for the sake of this shoot so sorry for the short post, just wanted to show my love for different textures 🙂

See you soon with more outfits and corny puns, Have a wonderful day loves!


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