Pike Place and Lace

Happy November everyone and welcome to my first blog post! This is all a little strange even though before i started out making youtube vids I initially dreamt of being a style blogger. I was re-inspired after this days shoot because i had so many more pictures compared to actual videos and i couldn’t let them all go to waste! (even though half of these are on my insta lol!)

Anyways! enough rambling and on to the outfit, everyone says fall is the time for layering and cozy cardigans, while I wholeheartedly agree, I also come from a strange state you guys probably know of called Washington which loves to be extremely chilly in the morning then become randomly sunny and warm (you know if it isn’t raining) So! my actual favorite part of fall is all the fall dresses you can wear. This one from Forever 21 is super feminine and dainty and I could not pass it up when I saw it in the clearance section, I am a  SUCKER for anything lace, especially in white. Pairing it with this jean jacket I cannot seem to leave the house without gives it that nice casual feel and I paired it with these easy nude booties from Charlotte Russe. Along with lace, Booties are an essential in my closet; one of the reasons being because I think they all scream “fall” but, mainly just because my short 5′ 2″ self likes to look tall once in awhile haha! Finished off the look with  a choker that I made myself and voila, look complete 🙂

So those are the outfit details with a WHOLE lot of rambling, for more of the Pike Place shots watch the video these pictures were initially for below ! (Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as well, yes i know shameless plug hehe)

Pike Place and Lace